Fleet Management Systems

GreenGuard is a web based industrial fleet management system for various engine driven applications such as CHPplants, gen-sets, pumps, compressors, cranes and construction equipment as well as mobile phone cell sites. It is capable of interfacing with various brands of controllers and data loggers and delivers better control, better service and lower costs.

Fleet Management System

Greenguard Fleet Management simplifies the process of operating large vehicle fleets

GreenGuard allows you to remotely control, monitor and protect your fleet. The integrated maintenance and reporting functions offer an excellent information base to improve the overall performance of your equipment and to optimize your service organization and reaction time to prevent fuel theft. Via GPS the position of your sites is always visible.


GreenGuard consists of a powerful database with a HMI via a standard web browser. The complete software is template based which allows fast and efficient fleet upgrade, without programming hassles.

What are the benefits of a fleet management system?

  • Maintenance forecast lowers service costs.
  • Condition monitoring for greater up time.
  • Improved service engineer availability.
  • Fuel consumption monitoring and control.
  • Fast on site intervention and staff allocation.
  • Automated service engineer scheduling.
  • Spare parts forecasting and dispatching.
  • Centralized service documentation.
  • Theft protection and unit allocation.


GreenGuard interfaces with local controllers, such as ComAp (but also with other brands) via GSM/GPRS modem or LAN bridge via RS232 interface.

GM 862-8/4

The GM 862-8/4 is a versatile GPRS terminal with a GPS position receiver. The industrial communication gateway enables wireless connectivity for a range of supervision and control tasks. With its full integration into the GreenGuard fleet management system and the ComAp controller world, the unit may be used for monitoring, protection and control of engine driven applications or construction devices like cranes, pumps or distribution boards. The functionality of existing and new applications can be extended by the latest state of the art wireless GPRS communication and GPS localization position finding technology.

GM 800 LAN Gateway

The GM 800 SNMP unit converts the private ComAp communication protocol to a fully fledged SNMP network node. The unit can be interfaced by any standard SNMP master software to integrate gen-sets into a top-level supervision system allowing pre and post mortem (high resolution) analysis of plant and application failures. GM 800 is well suited for telecom applications to enable remote monitoring of gen-sets operated by ComAp controller units. The ComAp unit is connected by means of a standard RS232 port whereas the SNMP client is available on a standard LAN interface.

Features of a fleet management system:

  • Remote supervision via GSM/GPRS or LAN.
  • Alert function via SMS and email to various addresses.
  • GPS position location and theft protection (geofencing).
  • Powerful reports and service forecasts.
  • Maintenance and service logs.
  • Rent-out contract handling with customer login and alerting.