Enovation ML Series Panels

The Enovation ML range of panels vary in features and functionality to suit your application. The ML Panels feature the Enovation PowerView technology to display and integrate valuable insight from electronic J1939 engines.

Panels equipped with a PV101 display gives operators to view multiple engine parameters on a single screen.

The ML Series Panels come with a variety of display and throttling capabilities, including gauge cutouts on some models that allow you to add critical gauges specific to your application.

For applications with emissions requirements, some ML Series Panels can be equipped with Tier 4 controls. ML Series Panels are capable of handling sophisticated engine diagnostics as well as basic engine alarm/shutdown with integrated throttle control.


Enovation ML Series Panels Specifications

ML25 ML50 ML100 ML150
Operating Voltage 12/24 VDC (6.5-32VDC Minimum and Maximum Voltage) 12/24 VDC (8-32VDC Minimum and Maximum Voltage)
Operating Current 850mA max 1.2A max 1A max 1.4A max
Mounting 4-.75″ Rubber Isolated Shockmounts
Starting/Stopping Method KeySwitch
Display PowerView Model 25 PowerView Model 101-C
Indication Lamps (1) red, (1) amber via display
Enclosure material Powder coated cold rolled steel
Throttle method Rocker Switch (Digital Inputs to ECU) Rocker Switch (Digital Inputs to ECU) or TSC1 CAN Throttling (via PV101) Rocker Switch (Digital Inputs to ECU), Hand Throttle (PWM or 0-5V), or TSC1 CAN Throttling (via PV101)
Operational Temperature -40° to +70°C -40° to +85°C