Engine Oil Heaters

IPU’s Diesel Engine Pre-Heating Solutions include HOTSTART’s engine oil heater. The unit threads directly into the engine’s oil pan keeping the oil warm and viscous during engine shut-down. HOTSTART’s diesel and engine oil pan heaters are an ideal solution to heat multiple types of liquid: water, liquid lube oil, hydraulic fluid, antifreeze as well as petroleum.

So, how do engine oil heaters work?

Cold weather can have an immense effect on oil performance. When cold, oil becomes very thick and difficult to pump adding extra strain to your starting unit and oil filter. HOTSTART’s engine oil heater assists engine starting by pumping warm oil instantly to the critical wear points in the engine. This reduces engine wear as well as allowing easier starts which therefore prolong battery life.

Oil pan heaters are faster and more efficient than block heaters. They heat the oil directly instead of having to pass heat through the mass of the engine block. By using an immersion heater to warm the oil directly, the block acts as a insulator that retains heat. A block heater, on the other hand, warms the block which wastefully radiates much of its heat back to the atmosphere.

Our diesel and oil engine heaters are available in various AC voltages as well as 12/24 volt DC. They range from 75 to 500 watts. Designed for safe electrical operation, these heaters are available in a weather-tight construction or Class 1 (Group D) for hazardous locations.


The benefits of using diesel and engine oil heaters

Reduced engine wear

  • Stops destructive condensation.
  • Quickly heats critical engine components.
  • Inhibits the formation of sludge in oil.

Easier engine starts

  • Prolongs battery life.
  • Saves fuel.
  • Warm up time reduced.

Protects the environment

  • Helps to extend oil life.
  • Engine gets to maximum efficiency earlier.
  • Lower noise emissions.


  • Easy fitment.
  • Weather-tight versions available for hazardous locations.
  • Also available in a wide range of voltages and power ratings.