Datakom DKG217

Manual and remote start controller with push button start and stop, with synchroscope and check sync relay.

Main features of the Datakom DKG217:

  • Manual starting and stopping
  • Zero power consumption at rest
  • Remote Start operation capability
  • LED bargraph synchroscope
  • Programmable ∆V, ∆f, ∆θ for synch. check
  • Engine oil pressure measurement
  • Engine coolant temperature measurement
  • Generator KW and cos Ø measurement (1 phase)
  • Engine hours run counter
  • Event logging
  • Statistical counters
  • Programmable parameters
  • Serial data output for PC
  • Configurable analogue inputs: 2
  • Configurable digital inputs: 5
  • Configurable relay outputs: 2
  • Total relay outputs: 5