Datakom DKG151

The Datakom DKG151 is a low cost, microprocessor controlled unit designed to manually start and stop the genset using the key switch on the front panel.

Main features of the Datakom DKG151:

  • Microprocessor controlled
  • Manual fuel control and start
  • High current relay outputs
  • Charge alternator excitation circuit
  • High engine temperature protection
  • Low oil pressure protection
  • Overspeed-underspeed protection
  • Spare alarm input
  • User selectable 50 / 60 Hz operation
  • User selectable energize to start / stop operation
  • Standard panel dimensions (72x72mm)
  • Low cost


  • Engine control (without alternator)
  • Remote start operation (DKG-152)
  • Solid state outputs (DKG-153)

The unit powers up when the RUN position on the front panel is selected. The engine is started using the CRANK(I) pushbutton. This will also energize the fuel solenoid output.