Datakom DKG114-J

The Datakom DKG114-J is a basic manual and remote start controller with push button start and stop. The controller is J1939 CANBUS compatible.

Main features of the Datakom DKG114-J:

  • Manual and remote starting and stopping
  • ECU control via J1939 CANBUS
  • ECU alarm display via J1939 CANBUS
  • Zero power consumption at rest
  • Replaces the CIU unit in Volvo engines
  • Various engine brands and models supported
  • Automatic shutdown on fault condition
  • Built in alarms and warnings
  • LED displays
  • Jumper selected operating modes
  • Survives cranking dropouts
  • Sealed front panel
  • Plug-in connection system for easy replacement
  • Low cost
  • Small dimensions
  • Standard panel dimensions: 72x72mm