Datakom DKG109

The Datakom DKG109 is an Automatic Mains Failure unit with genset control and protection, with single phase power measurements.

Main features of the Datakom DKG109:

  • Automatic mains failure with genset control and protection
  • Remote Start operation capability
  • Analogue temperature, oil pressure and fuel level inputs
  • Genset KW and Power Factor measurement (single phase)
  • Engine hours run counter
  • Periodic maintenance request display
  • Adjustable parameters
  • Graphic LCD display (128×64 pixels)
  • 100 event logs with measurements
  • Statistical counters
  • Free MS-Windows remote monitoring SW with modem networking
  • Multiple language support
  • Configurable analogue inputs: 3
  • Configurable digital inputs: 5
  • Configurable digital outputs: 2
  • Total digital outputs: 6