Datakom DKG107

The Datakom DKG107 automatic mains failure unit is a microprocessor based digital unit offering all functions needed for the basic control of a genset.

Main features of the Datakom DKG107:

  • Automatic engine starting and stopping
  • Automatic mains failure monitoring
  • Automatic load transfer
  • Automatic shutdown on fault condition
  • Mains and Generator voltage monitoring
  • Selectable oil pressure/oil level switch input
  • Standard panel dimensions (72x72mm)
  • Low cost

In automatic mode, the unit monitors 3 phases of the mains voltage and controls the automatic starting, stopping and load transfer of the generator. Once the generator is running, the device monitors the internal protections and external fault inputs.

Thanks to the selectable oil switch input, the DKG-107 may be adapted to a large variety of diesel and gasoline engines.
As the device needs no programming process, it is easy to use and has a very low rate of failure.