Remote Oil Condition Monitoring

Monitoring of oil condition is essential for owners and operators of expensive pieces or critical pieces of equipment or plant. By constantly monitoring levels of oil borne contamination, potential failures and faults can be identified and preventative maintenance routines put in place to avoid expensive equipment failure and downtime.

E/Log from IPU gives you live measurements of lubrication oil contamination and spoilage.

E/Log from IPU gives you live measurements of lubrication oil contamination and spoilage.

Many operators use routine lab analysis but this can be expensive and the delays involved in sending the sample and waiting for results can be the difference between a preventative repair and complete failure.

The IPU Oil Conditioning division offers software packages than enable you to track the oil condition in your equipment regardless of where it is and you are – anywhere in the world.


Remote monitoring is beneficial to industries that rely on heavy capital equipment especially if that equipment operates in remote locations. Key beneficiaries are shipping:


STOR Power Generation:

Remote Oil Condition Monitoring From IPU Group


When used on conjunction with a ComAp InteliDrive Mobile Logger, allows remote monitoring and tracking of a whole series of engine parameters and, with the addition of an oil condition sensor, E/Log from IPU gives you live, minute by minute, measurements of lubrication oil contamination and spoilage.

The ComAp Data Logger collects information via the engine J1939 communication system, it holds the data until a predetermined transmission time, or an alarm condition is seen. It then dials into the mobile network and uploads all engine parameter data to the web based E/Log software. The data can then be monitored and analysed remotely by fleet managers or service engineers.

As well as live measurement of data including: Engine RPM, Engine Load, Engine Torque, Oil Pressure, Coolant Temperature, Fuel Temperature, Fuel Consumption, Total Hours Run, ECU Fault Codes, you can also track and monitor exact equipment position via GPS position monitoring – ideal for fleet managers.


Collects oil testing data from the OSA (On Site Analyser) held in remote locations or service outlets. The OSA provides the benefit of fast, onsite oil testing. These test results can be instantly uploaded to the O/Lab web based software where they are scientifically matched against known engine or transmission wear patterns and reported in the diagnostic section. Remotely based engineers then have the opportunity to view this data, conduct trend analysis and identify the correct remedial action or repairs. It brings fault diagnosis data to your desktop – in real time.

Ideal for condition monitoring for remote locations such as quarries, mines, oil platforms, ships, rental fleets etc etc.