Engine coolant pre-heating

Engine coolant pre-heating

IPU Group’s tank style Engine Coolant Pre- Heaters are an externally mounted one piece, heavy duty, pressure die cast aluminium tank with a bolt on flange element assembly.

The heaters are designed to preheat the coolant by the thermo-sython principle – as the coolant is heated in the chamber, the warmed coolant rises and is forced upwards through the piping into the engine coolant block – this then displaces the cold coolant which feeds down into the heater and the cycle begins again until all of the coolant in the block is to temperature.

Constant circulation of coolant through the engine achieves even heat distribution and all tank heaters can be specified with thermostats to control block temperature and conserve electricity.

Reasons why…

1. Easy engine starts

  • Saves warm-up time
  • Saves fuel
  • Prolongs battery life
  • Provides immediate defrosting

2. Reduces engine wear

  • 90% of engine wear is due to low water jacket temperature
  • Stops destructive condensation
  • Extends time between overhauls

3. Protects the environment

  • Eliminates ‘white’ smoke upon start up
  • Reduces idle time
  • Engine is ready for clean full power operation
  • Reduces noise pollution
  • No high speed idle


  • Easy to service with all parts replaceable
  • Most models classed as weather tight
  • Various voltages and phases available
  • UL listed, CSA, CE approved

Also available

  • Forced Circulating Heating Systems incorporating pumps for larger engine applications
  • Direct Immersion Heaters – heaters that fit directly into the coolant block replacing a core plug, available for most engine brands