ADV Regulator Diesel Fuel Stabiliser

ADV Regulator is a multi-functional diesel fuel stabiliser, specially formulated to provide long term benefits for stored diesel fuel and gas oil.  As well as providing enhanced oxidation stability of diesel and inhibiting fuel deterioration, ADV Regulator also provides other benefits such as improved fuel economy, improved engine performance and reduced emissions.

If you are storing large quantities of fuel for critical applications such as standby generators and fire pumps, any deterioration in your fuel quality could threaten your guaranteed power. By adding ADV Regulator to your fuel storage tank you can stabilize your stored diesel and prevent damaging fuel oxidation, thereby significantly increasing its storage life.

By treating your diesel with ADV Regulator you will:

  • Increase fuel storage life
  • Improve diesel stability and inhibit oxidation
  • Reduce fuel consumption by 3% – 6%
  • Lower atmospheric emissions
  • Increase engine power
  • Clean your engine and fuel injectors
  • Protect fuel system components from corrosion
  • Control water content
  • Decrease the risk of Diesel Bug infection
  • Maintain diesel within industry standards

Dosing Rates

The recommended dosing rate for ADV Regulator is one part to 500 parts by volume. Meaning that a 5 litre can of ADV Regulator will treat and stabilise 2500 litres of stored fuel.

ADV Regulator is also available in 25 litre jerry cans, 200 litre drums and 1000 litre IBC’s.  Bulk quantities are also available.

How Does It Work?

ADV Regulator is packed full of surfactant molecules.  These molecules disperse within the fuel system; some coat solid surfaces creating a “mono-layer” which increases lubricity and reduces friction and wear and tear.  The molecules that remain in the fuel create a barrier against contact with oxygen or any water molecules suspended in the diesel, thereby reducing the possibility of fuel oxidation. The surfactant molecules also help to lower the surface tension of the diesel fuel which allows for greater atomisation in the engine combustion chamber, this creates a more efficient burn and fuller conversion of energy, as a result fuel economy is improved and atmospheric emissions are reduced.

Why Use ADV Regulator?

The EN590 fuel specification now allows for up to 7% bio-diesel by volume.  Bio-diesel has some positives but one of its disadvantages is that it starts to break down after long periods of storage.  In fact many fuel companies recommend that diesel fuel, or gas oil, is not stored for longer than 6 months without a stability treatment.

When diesel is stored for long periods, contact with oxygen starts a chain reaction within the fuel. First peroxide forms, in turn, this causes the fuel to break down into organic acids and gummy sediment. These sediments clog fuel filters and can cause engine fuel starvation, leading to power failure.

ADV Regulator significantly improves the long term stability of stored diesel by inhibiting the process of deterioration.