Datakom SMPS 124 and 242 2A & 4A battery chargers

The Datakom SMPS 124 and 242 are fixed output voltage battery chargers for generators. They support either 2A or 4A slow charging which is suitable for power generation environments. They support DIN-rail mounting for easy inclusion in switchgear panels.

Datakom SMPS 124

The Datakom SMPS 124 and 242 combine economy with a slow charge capability that is appropriate for generator batteries. The chargers can therefore be left connected for prolonged periods of time and will hold the charge without damaging it.

Both models include overload protection to avoid overcharging and battery damage. The charger steps down to a trickle charge once the battery has reached its capacity.

Short-circuit protection is a standard feature on the SMPS 124 and 242 meaning the battery chargers can be left connected when the generator is started. This is an essential capability for any battery charger connected to an emergency generator that starts automatically if the mains power fails.

All models are designed to be left connected to the mains at all times and so are protected against over-heating.

The low weight of the SMPS 124 and 242 make them ideal for use in high-vibration environments. As well as that, their rugged design helps them survive the harsh electromagnetic environment found near power generation equipment.

The open chassis, metal-cased design is suitable for bolt and stud mounting in an enclosed panel.

Datakom SMPS 124 and 242 Specifications

Datakom SMPS 124 Datakom SMPS 242
Output voltage (V). 13.7 27.4
Output current (A). 4.0 2.0
Input voltage (VAC). 170 – 270 170 – 270
Input frequency (Hz). 45 – 65 45 – 65
Operating temperature (C). -20 – +70 -20 – +70
Efficiency. 80% 82%
Over-temperature protection. Yes Yes
Short-circuit protection. Yes Yes
Display panel. No No
Fail alarm. No No
Mounting. DIN rail DIN rail
Size (hwd) (mm). 87 x 69 x 62 87 x 69 x 62
Weight (g). 200 200