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Tank cleaning is your first step to removing the problem of fuel contamination.

You need one thing from your standby and primary power systems: dependability. You need the assurance that they will function perfectly when they’re needed. However, fuel storage is a potential point of failure that’s easy to overlook. Your diesel tanks could be harbouring contamination that impacts the reliability of your backup systems and pollutes any clean fuel they receive.

Our ClearTank diesel tank cleaning service removes the contaminants from your tank and paves the way for a comprehensive fuel conditioning programme.

It’s one less thing for you to worry about.

ClearTank diesel tank cleaning service

The ClearTank service addresses the three main forms of fuel contamination: water, solid particulates and microbial growth (a.k.a. the diesel bug).

IPU Fuel Conditioning Programmes

The ClearTank service:

  • removes water down to 200 parts per million or less as specified in EN590.
  • disposes of solid particulates such as soot, rust and colloid carbon.
  • removes microbial growth (aka the diesel bug).
  • breaks down and filters out any sludge that may have settled at the bottom of the tank.
  • removes the biofilms that form on tank surfaces. These are often immune to standard fuel polishing techniques.

Once complete, we certify that your diesel tanks are clean and your fuel meets the 18/16/13 level of cleanliness as defined by ISO 4406 and EN590 standards set by the Directive 2009/30/EC.


Safe, convenient and discreet

We look beyond the mechanical process of cleaning fuel and tanks; we understand the commercial implications of dirty fuel and have adapted the ClearTank diesel tank cleaning service to address them.

ClearTank diesel tank cleaning

ClearTank diesel cleaning runs from an unmarked van to avoid unsettling customers.

  • ClearTank avoids health and safety problems by not requiring man-entry into the toxic interior of your tanks. All cleaning happens outside the tank using our specialist tank cleaning technologies and our unique cleansing additive, ADV Energiser.
  • ClearTank fuel cleaning does not always require you to take your generators offline, so there’s no need to disrupt day-to-day operations.
  • the ClearTank service operates from an unmarked van to avoid unsettling customers. Even though tank cleaning is a prudent precautionary measure it can be misinterpreted.
  • outdoor tanks at fuel depots, indoor tanks in commercial buildings and tanks located in confined spaces can all benefit from the ClearTank service.


How much does ClearTank diesel tank cleaning cost?

The service is charged according to the size of the tank being cleaned, its geographical location, accessibility and many other factors. The cost varies. Please contact us for more details. Please note that the service is charged according to tank size, not the volume of stored fuel.


The best time to employ ClearTank?

Although it seems illogical, it’s best to clean diesel tanks when they’re full of fuel. Contamination can arrive in the tanker that delivers your fuel. If you clean an empty tank then have dirty fuel delivered, your fuel is instantly contaminated again. Additionally, our ClearTank tank cleaning service is able to clean both the fuel and tanks simultaneously. Cleaning an empty tank with no fuel is not as effective as it could be.


After cleaning…

Unfortunately, cleaned fuel does not stay clean for long. It’s under constant attack. Grit and dirt can enter from the tank surroundings. Rust falls off the inside of the tank. Water enters via the atmosphere and from new deliveries. This encourages bacterial growth. In short, biodiesel degrades unless you maintain it.

The ClearTank diesel tank cleaning service restores your fuel to a clean and dry condition. To keep it that way we recommend a Diesel Defence fuel polishing system. Through single and multi-stage filtration Diesel Defence provides you with long-term protection.

Our fuel additives work directly to kill tiny bacteria and neutralise the ingredients they need to grow. The fuel additives are the vitamin boost that keeps your stored fuel bug-free and gives your gen-sets extra performance.


Our four step fuel conditioning process

ClearTank is the second stage in our Fuel Conditioning Programme. The four-part programme is the simplest and most economical route to clean, dry, reliable fuel. It includes:

      1. DieselCheck Fuel Testing.
      2. ClearTank Fuel Cleaning.
      3. Diesel Defence Fuel Polishing.
      4. ADV Fuel Stabilisation.