Battery Heating Pads and Wraps

Battery heating pads and wraps prolong battery life as well as improve cranking power even in the coldest conditions.


Engineered to maintain battery temperature at 80°F/27°c, a Hotstart battery heater or wrap provide enough heat to boost cranking power as much as 75%. For fast, easy installation, all standard battery heating pads and wraps include a 6’ (1.8m) grounded cord and plug connection. Hotstart heating pads and wraps promote a high level of safety whilst maintaining a durable product ideal for use in a range of industries.


Battery heating thermal wraps

Hotstart’s battery heating thermal wraps are available in 2 versions: thermostat control & non-thermostat control. Both versions prolong the life of a rechargeable battery. The thermostat control version has a thermostat range of 65°F -80°. Battery heating wraps provide and maintain optimum operating temperature regardless of ambient conditions. The Hotstart battery thermal wrap consists of a fire-retardant vinyl cover which prevents oil and acid build up.


Advantages of using battery heating thermal wraps

  • Wrap heaters and pad heaters are impervious to battery acid and oil.
  • Wrap warmers provide greater heat rise than battery plates or pads.
  • Engineered to maintain batteries at 80°F/27°C to ensure full cranking power.
  • Boosts battery cranking power by as much as 75% prolonging battery life.
  • Will eliminate damage caused by overheating and acid spill when used in conjunction with a thermostat.


Battery heating pads

Hotstart battery heating pads work in a similar fashion to wraps with the main difference being how the battery is heated to improve cranking power. The flexible SBR rubber pads are installed underneath the battery to heat from the bottom up. This makes the battery pads ideal for use with multiple batteries. Batteries within an insulated battery box should use a thermostat to sense the box temperature to prevent the battery from overheating.


Advantages of using battery heating pads                                                       

  • Flexible SBR rubber pads designed for installation under the battery to heat from the bottom up.
  • Pad models for multiple battery applications available with accessory cords for thermostat assembly.
  • Standard pad for single batteries as well as special pads available for multiple batteries.


Other precautions to consider in cold temperatures

Battery pads and wraps can vastly improve battery usage, extending battery life and improving cranking power even in the coldest of conditions. Further improvements can be achieved with the renowned Hotstart lube oil heater. This keeps the engine’s oil warm and viscous during engine shutdown.