Winter proof your fuel with IPU’s Diesel Defender Fuel Additive

IPU’s Diesel Defender Fuel Additive provides an all-in-one treatment for stored fuel.

Keep fuel fresh and stable for up to 2 years, even for diesel fuel with a biodiesel content of 7%.

Diesel Defender promotes and maintains a clean fuel delivery system via the inclusion of a deposit control additive. This keeps the fuel injectors clean giving optimum fuel flow, combustion and emissions quality.


IPU’s additive enhances fuel resistance to microbial contamination. Fuel tanks are prime breeding grounds for all manner of contamination, including diesel bug. If left unchecked these quickly multiply creating fuel sludge, which results in blocked filters and stopped engines.

In addition, it increases the fuel’s resistance to water. Modern fuels containing FAME are naturally hygroscopic. Even a small increase in water content will reduce the energy content of the fuel and may create fuel-water emulsions. The additive promotes continuous fuel-water separation and will break emulsions giving optimum fuel quality.

Fuel left to stand quickly oxidises with the potential to form deposits in tanks and fuel delivery systems. FAME-containing fuels are particularly susceptible to this. The additive inhibits the oxidation tendency and allows for safe, longer term storage.

Today’s diesel has also seen a reduction in the sulphur content, in order to reduce harmful emissions. This has an impact on the fuel’s natural lubricity leading to excessive or premature wear in fuel pumps and injection equipment. IPU’s Diesel Defender protects the fuel’s lubricity to prevent unnecessary wear in the engine.

This unique additive formulation contains dispersant and deposit control chemistries and is specifically designed for critical uptime applications where bulk fuels are stored on a prolonged basis.

The product is formulated from recognised fuel additive components and should not void an engine manufacturer’s warranty. In fact, very many engine manufacturers recognise the need for upgrade additives when red/green diesel is used.

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