VIDEO: See ComAp controllers in action on STOR site

May 9th, 2018

At certain times, the UK’s National Grid needs access to sources of extra power. Short Term Operating Reserve (STOR) is a service that provides additional active power from generation.

When there’s peak demand for electricity across the UK, the National Grid have the flexibility to start gensets across the country that feed in at very short notice to balance the grid and make sure there are no blackouts or brownouts in the system.

A STOR provider must be able to offer a minimum of 3MW of power, respond within 20 minutes and sustain this for a minimum of 2 hours.

IPU, together with our customer GMI Power commissioned a STOR site of 40 500kW gensets in the South West of England. The site can produce 20mW of power in total when all gensets are running at full capacity.

The site consists of numerous ComAp products, including 2 InteliMainsNTC BaseBoxes, 40 InteliGenNTC BaseBoxes and 40 InteliVision 5 remote displays. See the video for the full case study: