Video: Fuel Purifiner in action

If you’re hiring out generators, pumps or heavy plant equipment, you can’t always be sure of the cleanliness of the diesel going into your fleet. Contaminated fuel is bad news for your engines as it can cause extensive damage and prolonged downtime. If your equipment’s not working, you’re not earning. IPU’s Fuel Purifiner is an on-tank filtration system that protects your equipment against heavily contaminated diesel.

We’ve created a series of videos to show you how cost effective and efficient the Fuel Purifiner is at protecting your engines.


Removing solid particulates with the Fuel Purifiner

Modern fuel injection systems operate at pressures in excess of 35,000psi as opposed to 15 years ago when injection pressures rarely exceeded 3,000psi. Whilst this delivers outstanding performance it leaves them highly susceptible to damage from solid particulate contamination. Contaminants such as sand, rust and grit can prematurely block filters and damage highly sensitive fuel systems.

IPU’s Fuel Purifiner is your first line of defence against solid particulate contamination.

Removing water with the Fuel Purifiner

Water is detrimental to an engine as it can corrode components, encourage acid build-up, reduce lubrication and cause explosive damage to injectors if it becomes super-heated during combustion. Water is also the most challenging of the fuel contaminants to address.

IPU’s Fuel Purifiner removes water while the engine is running.

Low Maintenance & Running Costs

IPU’s Fuel Purifiner doesn’t use expensive filter elements. Water and solid contamination is simply collected at the bottom of the unit until it is drained away.

The Fuel Purifiner offers cost effective protection for your engines.