Single Sourcing Blog and LinkedIn Group Launched

With over 25 years of experience and knowledge, coupled with excellent technical support and quality control, IPU Group are now offering even better access to our vastly experienced single sourcing team.

IPU Single Sourcing Service group on LinkedIn… 

The IPU Single Sourcing Service group has been set up to enable easy and fast access to our Single sourcing experts. IPU Group wants you to get involved and all it takes is the click of a button…

Any product, any time; please join us and help to shape the future of Single Sourcing

IPU enables customers to concentrate on their core activities; therefore customers can redeploy staff to other front-line roles due to a lower number of resources being required to source, specify and purchase product.

IPU Group Single Sourcing Blog…

At IPU Group, we pride ourselves on working closely with our customers, to understand their needs and requirements; then we get to work on delivering the best and most cost effective solutions. All our staff are highly trained and devoted to providing quality and value in all areas.

By using IPU, you can remove the cost and administration burden of sourcing products. IPU will stock product to meet your requirements and save you the associated stocking and warehouse costs.

You can now find out more about projects we have worked on and post any questions you may have at – see the success of IPU Single Sourcing and what we could do for you!