Emissions solutions expert joins IPU

March 14th, 2018

IPU are extremely excited to announce the appointment of Wayne Bint. Wayne has joined IPU to support the growth of our exciting Emissions Solutions Division as Technical Manager.

Wayne has been involved in emissions for several years, completing projects with the likes of Transport for London and the London Low Emission Zones.

He has years of experience in marine, NRMN, industrial and power generation industries, making him the ideal fit with IPU.

Wayne now specialises in Selective Catalytic Reduction systems (SCRs) and Diesel Particulate Filters (DPFs).

Wayne will be assisting with the growth of IPU’s new Emissions Solutions division. Divisional director Andrew Whitehouse said: “The appointment of Wayne is a fantastic step for IPU. Wayne’s knowledge in the industry will ensure IPU can offer the best emissions solution possible to our customers”.

IPU are a one-stop-shop for emissions solutions. This includes turnkey SCR systems, DPFs, GTL fuel, GAC engine governors, engine heaters and bifuel genset controllers.

With the impending Medium Plant Combustion Directive (MCPD) to consider, IPU can talk you through exactly what you need to ensure your engines are compliant.