New brochure heralds new approach to Fuel Conditioning

We’ve just launched our 2015 Fuel Conditioning brochure. And while it’s true that we’ve expended blood, sweat and tears producing it even we have to recognise that new brochures are not usually newsworthy.

This time it’s a bit different.

The new brochure reflects a significant change in buying trends that we saw develop during 2014. The hospitals, datacentres and banks we speak to are are becoming less satisfied with buying different parts of their fuel solutions from different vendors. They prefer one supplier to test, clean, polish and stabilise their stored fuel. Now that the need for fuel conditioning is clearly understood the market has moved on. The prime motivation now is to simplify procurement.

That’s where IPU steps in and where our brochure differs from previous versions. IPU is now heavily focused on the concept on the Fuel Conditioning Programme: a one-stop stop for everything you need to maintain reliable fuel.

IPU fcp graphic 03 400x424Our Fuel Conditioning Programme has four stages:

  • Test
  • Clean
  • Polish
  • Stabilise

For more details, zoom over to the programme’s home page.