IPU welcomes software engineer to the team

We are very pleased to welcome Jay Pinn to the IPU team!

Jay is joining us as a PowerVision and Software Engineer and has over 20 years experience in the electronics industry, working in power electronics and embedded electronic design.

We haven’t had Jay into the office for his official photo yet (blame COVID)… but we wish our office was here!

Coming from the Genset and Non-Road Mobile Machinery (NRMM) markets, Jay has joined the team to increase the in-house support of all Enovations Controls products. Not only that, but Jay brings us the opportunity to tailor in-house Enovation PowerView Displays specific to customers requirements and applications. Due to his intimate knowledge of Enovation displays and the PowerVision programming platform, he will be able to completely work from the ground up, to design a completely custom solution that reflects your customer and your application needs.

Jay will also be heavily involved in the the future of IPU’s product offering, including integrating cloud monitoring into fuel projects. 

Jay brings with him a wealth of CANBus knowledge and experience especially around diesel engines, as well as a keen  understanding around implementing emission requirements.

Decades of experience in UI/UX Design and development, means Jay has a deep understanding of identifying not only the technical requirements of our customers but also in understanding how your customers interact with your products.