IPU sells OilLife range of products to Wagene Purifiner in Norway

As of January 2019, IPU Group has sold it’s range of OilLife bypass filtration products to Wagene Purifiner in Norway.

For several years, Wagene Purifiner has been IPU’s largest customers for the OilLife range.

IPU has taken the decision to sell all stock and the rights and patent for OilLife to Wagene Purifiner so we can further focus on our key ranges and core markets.

Having worked with Wagene Purifiner for many years, we are confident in the high level of technical support and service they will give to those purchasing OilLife in the future.

2019 will see continued focus on IPU’s new Emissions Solutions Division formed in 2018. This whole new range of products is designed and manufactured in-house, and includes Selective Catalytic Reduction systems and Diesel Particulate Filters. Many from our large UK customer base are under pressure to reduce emissions from their diesel engines and gensets due to new legislation. IPU’s products are specifically designed to ensure compliance and future-proof gensets as legislation gets tighter.

We are also concentrating on the continued growth and success of our Fuel Conditioning Division, following the purchase of our biggest Fuel Conditioning competitor, FilterTechnik in 2017. Much of 2018 has been spent redeveloping and improving our product line, as well as growing our ClearTank team to keep up with the growing demand for fuel testing and cleaning.

This change also frees up capacity to concentrate on our new UK distributorship of Enovation products. This came after a lengthy relationship between the two companies spanning several decades. The Enovation range includes intuitive PowerView displays and ‘red-box’ products that IPU are already extremely familiar with. These ‘red-box’ products include gauges, engine fluid level switches, sensors and valves.