IPU make history with largest ever Diesel Defence unit

IPU’s fuel conditioning division enjoyed record-breaking success last month, delivering the largest Diesel Defence fuel polishing system in the company’s history.

Built to the customer’s unique specifications, it will be used to safeguard the supply from an island-based power station. The remoteness of the location makes the generator critically important. The island is not connected to a mainland power supply. If the generator fails, the population loses electricity.

Distance from the mainland also affects fuel supply. Unlike mainland sites, the island cannot call for a next-day tanker delivery if it discovers a problem. It needs to hold large stocks and it needs total confidence that those stocks are kept in perfect condition.

Consequently, IPU’s bespoke Diesel Defence unit offers a maximum flow-rate of 1,000 litres per minute to match the tank’s 1 million-litre capacity. The exceptionally high flow-rate ensures that contaminants are effectively removed from the entire tank.

IPU have a standard range of mobile and fixed fuel polishing units but, as this delivery shows, we also have an impressive track record of delivering bespoke systems. The project encompassed extensive customer consultation, design, manufacturing, logistics, installation, testing and customer sign-off. This final unit is illustrated below:

Captured in the IPU workshop shortly before being shipped, the unit is designed to achieve extraordinary flow rates of 1,000 litres per minute.

IPU’s largest standard unit is the DDF6 which reaches flow rates of 500 litres per minute – market-leading performance for on-tank fuel polishing units. By building a bespoke unit that boasts twice the performance, IPU have once again proved that we deliver results, no matter how challenging the customer need.