IPU launches industry-leading EKO range of Fuel Polishing

We are extremely excited to announce that we have officially launched our brand new EKO range of Fuel Polishers. Protect your high-value capital equipment with smart fuel cleaning technology.

These units have been designed and built with YOU in mind, from your direct feedback.


The EKO with Kapture Technology System

The EKO with Kapture Technology Fuel Polishing system brings affordable polishing to all tanks.

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It’s a high-performance fuel polishing system that represents a major step forward in protecting diesel fuel from harmful contaminants in storage tanks up to 10,000 litres capacity.

This system builds on our extensive expertise in fuel management and brings together compact high-performance fuel polishing unit with an intelligent microprocessor control module.

This specialised combination is customer designed to monitor and control fuel cleaning systems with a lower purchase cost it in mind.


What is Kapture Technology?

At the heart of the EKO System with Kapture Technology polishing system is a microprocessor-controlled input/output control module, which is installed and connected using simple plug-n-play connections and enables remote configuration and continuous monitoring anytime.

All sensor data can be saved in the control panels non-volatile memory, allowing up to two years (depending on frequency and quantity of sensors being saved) of historical data to be captured by the panel for direct viewing on the LCD display or to download via IPU’s own EARL™ software via a USB connection.

Analytical data and trend information can be saved and downloaded from the system allowing a deeper analysis of site conditions which could affect fuel condition or cause degradation.


What makes the EKO so different?

  • You get a fuel polishing system with connectivity that has never been available before.
  • You can use the fuel polisher to develop a robust predictive maintenance plan to keep equipment uptime to a maximum and to reduce lifetime maintenance costs.
  • You get a plug-and-play system that comes straight out the ‘box’ ready to use – software and all.
  • You get a genuinely affordable fuel polisher without having to sacrifice the top tech.
  • You can get extremely quick delivery, without the compromise on quality or technology.


The EKO Mobile

The Diesel Defence EKO Mobile is a small, light and simple fuel polisher that cleans your fuel while you concentrate on other tasks. Just connect it to your fuel tank, plug in the power and leave it to work.

At just 15kg, it’s supremely portable. It can be moved between tanks, sites, kept in the back of your car, and could even be stored as hand luggage on a flight!

Although small, the Diesel Defence EKO Mobile packs a punch. It removes particulates as small as 3 microns and brings water contamination to below 50ppm. That’s well within the limits set by ISO4406 and EN590.

In line with its goal of simplicity, the Diesel Defence EKO Mobile keeps maintenance requirements to a minimum. The filter element is the only replaceable part. The unit’s dial clearly shows when that needs replacing.


The EKO Mobile is perfect in numerous applications, including: Agriculture, marine, generators & rental equipment, off-highway vehicles, haulage and railway.