IPU Group approved to run CIBSE CPD courses on fuel conditioning

Our CIBSE-approved CPD courses detail how, why and when to specify fuel conditioning systems.

IPU Group are set to run CPD (Continuing Professional Development ) courses after being approved by CIBSE1, the UK’s premier body for promoting and supporting the careers of building services engineers.

Aimed at Facilities Management companies, our interactive course will train professionals on how to manage their stored fuel to ensure it is clean, safe and able to support the building it serves.

Generators typically run on a biodiesel blend that is vulnerable to contamination. Course delegates will be familiarised with the process of testing, cleaning and polishing fuel so that contaminants are removed, enabling building generators to run more reliably.

The course’s key learning objectives are:

  1. Learn about fuel contamination and the problems with biodiesel.
  2. Why fuel contamination is important to facilities management professionals.
  3. Understanding fuel polishing.
  4. Learn how to specify fuel polishing systems.
  5. The scope of fuel polishing.
  6. Fuel polishing in the real-world: share & solve.

The course takes about one hour to complete and includes an innovative ‘Share & Solve’ session at the end to provoke lively discussion about the options that apply to scenarios such as high-rise towers, highly-contaminated sites and locations with dispersed tanks.

The courses can be run for between three and ten delegates. They usually take place at the delegates’ office although they can be run at IPU’s HQ in West Bromwich or at a third-party facility.

This exciting new development is an extension of our Fuel Conditioning Division’s impressive offering. It further enhances IPU’s status as a global centre of excellence, with an array of popular courses already being run across all divisions.

1 The Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers.