IPU Emissions Solutions wins Innovation and Technology Award

Held at The Midland Hotel, Manchester on Thursday 29th November, the AMPS Awards celebrated the best of the best in the UK diesel and gas engine power generation industry.

IPU were shortlisted for 3 awards, more than any other company and scooped the top prize for the Innovation and Technology Award. This was won for the newly developed Emissions Solutions range of products.

IPU’s Selective Catalytic Reduction system (SCR) can achieve a 99.8% reduction of NOx emissions and IPU’s Diesel Particulate Filters (DPFs) can reduce Particulate Matter by 95%, guaranteeing compliance with MCPD legislation and Clean Air Zones.

IPU’s confidence is so high in the product that regular demonstration events are held at IPU HQ so customers can see the system in action. You can register for the next demo day here.

What makes the IPU system different?

There are several factors that differ an IPU system to the competitors:

  • Closed loop system with many sensors.
  • Airless dosing.
  • IPU exclusive catalyst technologies.
  • Bespoke monitoring software.
  • Ammonia slip catalyst as standard.
  • Financing options available.

Closed loop system
IPU uses a closed loop system containing various NOx and temperature sensors.

Readings from the sensors are fed into the control unit which precisely governs the dosage of AdBlue (ammonia). The dosage is altered according to the engine out emissions levels detected. This is essential if you want a system that can guarantee compliance and keeps AdBlue costs low. Cheaper systems without this kind of intelligence have to resort to dumping AdBlue into the exhaust. This is expensive and does not guarantee the system complies with emissions limits.

By cleverly dosing the AdBlue, this helps to reduce the lifetime costs of the system, cuts the likelihood of AdBlue blockages and reduces maintenance.

IPU’s precise control of AdBlue dosage also dramatically reduces ammonia slip, the process of unreacted ammonia passing through the SCR unit into the atmosphere. This is a common fault in SCR systems that overdose AdBlue to bring NOx levels down.

Airless dosing
IPU’s dosing system is also completely airless. This is an extremely uncommon but effective technology. Using airless dosing reduces the possibility of AdBlue oxidising in the dosing lines and crystalising. This would impair the exhaust and degrade the performance of the SCR unit. The subsequent repair would be significant.

IPU exclusive catalysts
IPU has exclusivity for a unique catalyst substrate. This allows for a greater particulate capturing than other solutions on the market.

Bespoke monitoring software
All IPU systems are monitored by a very sophisticated software application that has been developed specifically for this purpose. Accurate monitoring and intelligent control lies at the core of an effective emissions control solution. Without an adequate brain, the system will not work.

IPU offers the option of real-time monitoring or the ability to log a complete history of events. These can be turned into easy-to-read reports to prove compliance to legislation.

Ammonia slip catalyst
IPU offers all SCR systems with an ammonia slip catalyst as standard. Other solution providers may offer this as an option, which IPU believe is bad practice.

Ammonia slip is the process of unreacted ammonia passing through the SCR unit into the atmosphere. This is a common fault in SCR systems that overdose AdBlue to bring NOx levels down. Anything above 300ppm of ammonia released into the atmosphere is damaging to human health. A solid block of unburnt AdBlue could be up to 3,000ppm which could be fatal.

The closed loop dosing system guarantees that the catalyst will not be overdosed with too much AdBlue, and (as an extra failsafe), an ammonia slip catalyst is installed on to every system to prevent harm to people and the environment.

Financing options available
For many, having to comply with legislation and install emissions systems is an unexpected (but very expensive) cost.

IPU are now an appointed representative of GCN Finance Ltd. This means IPU can offer a wide variety of leasing options to ensure engines can continue to run without having to buy all the equipment outright.