A simpler way to order from IPU

Earlier this year, IPU launched a desktop webshop and mobile app.

It’s available 24/7, every day of the year, to all of your team. You don’t have to wait for opening hours. You don’t have to speak to the one person who understands your account. You don’t need to wait for the product expert on the parts you’re ordering.

Want access? Email melissa.payne@ipu.co.uk and get your log-in details today.

Scan this QR on your phone or tablet to head straight to download our app or visit & bookmark our desktop webshop here.


Why use the IPU webshop & mobile app?

  • Place orders 24/7.
  • Search and browse products using filters.
  • See your specific account pricing – no need to wait for sales to confirm your discount.
  • Build personalised shopping lists based on the sites or equipment in your fleet.
  • Exclusive shipping rates that you won’t get when ordering through the internal team.
  • View up-to-date stock levels – you can even order out of stock items as you would be able to over the phone.
  • View your order history to easily reorder items.


What’s on the webshop?

The app carries our four biggest distribution products:

  • Baldwin filters
    • Baldwin offers superb product quality and the industry’s broadest product line. This comprehensive portfolio of filtration products and technologies offers customers a single streamlined source for all their engine and mobile filtration needs. Baldwin Filters offers an extensive selection of lube, air, fuel, hydraulic, coolant and transmission filters for the trucking, construction, mining, agricultural, marine and mobile power generation industries.
  • Parker Racor filtration
    • SNAPP Filter – a compact fuel filter and water separator for engines with a maximum fuel flow rate of 100 l/hr.
    • Spin-On Series – highly effective filtration series in a variety of compact sizes to fit inside cramped engine compartments.
    • Turbine Series – offering protection for the largest most expensive equipment in your fleet.
  • Enovation Controls
    • IPU supply a world-class range of components that significantly enhance the performance of engine applications and power systems. The range includes industrial battery chargers, I/O modules, sensors, gauges and high-quality programmable displays.
  • Diesel Defender fuel additive
    • IPU’s Diesel Defender Fuel Additive provides an all-in-one treatment for stored fuel. It will keep fuel fresh and stable for up to 2 years, even for diesel fuel with a biodiesel content of 7%.

Don’t want to purchase through the webshop?

Don’t turn your back on the webshop for good – simply log in and use it as your most up-to-date price list and stock check!

But don’t worry, our lovely Internal Sales team will continue to be available, and you can still buy any of IPU’s products by contacting our Internal Sales team on 0121 511 0400 or by emailing ipu@ipu.co.uk.

Alternatively, request a quote for some of our products directly from our website here.