The New DD500 Fuel Polishing and Cleaning Rig

The new DD500 Fuel Polishing skid from IPU Group is designed to provide high flow rate, deep cleaning for diesel fuel in storage tanks up to half a million litres.  The Diesel Defence 500 comes with dual banks of multi-level filtration, a variety of alarms and optional functions and the industry leading build quality you associate with IPU product.

The DD500 will remove particle contamination and water from the dirtiest fuel ensuring that your stored diesel remains clean and dry and that your generator and back up power are safe from the effects of contaminated diesel.

DD500 Fuel Polishing Cleaning RigA new development for the DD500 is an automatic dosing unit for fuel biocides and diesel stability additives.  Not only can you ensure that additives are added to your stored fuel in exactly the right ratios but you will also know that the additive is fully mixed with your fuel, maximising it’s benefits.

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