IPU Group become OFTEC-certified

OFTEC is a nationally recognised and respected certification.

IPU are delighted to announce that four members of their fuel conditioning team have taken their OFTEC examinations and passed.

OFTEC is the industry association that governs the inspection and certification of fuel pipework, storage and pumping systems. Every site that stores diesel needs an annual OFTEC inspection. IPU’s fuel team regularly services generator diesel tanks which are connected to buildings through their pipework infrastructure. The engineers are in an ideal position to advise customers on problems their appliances might have with building and fire regulations.

Armed with this new certification, IPU can save customers money by carrying out fuel tests (or cleaning) and an OFTEC inspection on the same site visit, eliminating the need for a separate visit from a local authority or independent contractor.

It will undoubtedly add value to IPU’s service offering. It will help IPU’s customers by helping them ensure that their buildings are fully compliant before an audit. A failed audit could lead to a prohibition notice being served to decommission essential equipment or close down a building.

Unlike many certifying bodies, OFTEC rigorously polices the organisations it has approved. As one such organisation, IPU will be audited. This ensures that the OFTEC inspections executed by IPU’s engineers will be of the highest quality and delivered with consummate expertise.

This rigour makes a site’s OFTEC-inspection report especially valuable. The scheme has the credibility to testify to a site’s actual safety; it is not just a paper-filing exercise.