Fuel Tank Vent Filters Now Available

Water in any fuel storage tank can be a problem; it accelerates diesel oxidation and deterioration and it can quickly lead to growth of the dreaded diesel bug.

Even with good fuel housekeeping and transfer discipline, water can still find its way into a diesel storage tank though tank breathers.  It enters in moisture laden air then, as temperatures rise and lower it can condense and fall to the bottom of the tank as free water.

Fuel Tank Vent Filters now availableOne of the best ways to prevent this water ingress is to fit an efficient tank breather filter.

Now available from IPU, the Donaldson range of T.R.A.P. TM (Thermally Reactive Advanced Protection) filters offer superior protection when compared with standard desiccant filters. Not only do they remove up to 97% of water from air as it enters the fuel tank trap, they are also regenerating. Dry air leaves the tank and as it passes through the T.R.A.P. TM filter it picks up the collected water and takes it back to the external atmosphere.

Fuel Tank Vent Filters now availableBenefits:

  • Reduced risk of water contamination of diesel fuel
  • Extended life when compared with standard desiccant filters
  • Superior moisture blocking compared with desiccant filters
  • Removes moisture at humidity levels as low as 15%
  • Will not freeze in winter, retaining filtration effectiveness.

Contact the IPU Fuel Conditioning team to find out more about the T.R.A.P. TM breather filter range.