Critical Site Work: Maintaining Stored Fuel

Our ClearTank Fuel Cleaning team are on the road, up and down the country, ensuring that back up power infrastructure is reliable. Andy Burrows, our Head of ClearTank put together this post, to reiterate the importance of keeping up fuel sampling in this challenging time.

During times of uncertainty or cost cutting it is often easy to overlook some of the basics that help to ensure you have an uninterrupted power supply when it is needed most.

If a continual power supply is vital, good fuel management needs to continue. Simply put, routine generator servicing and regular fuel sampling are vital to alert to any issues before they impact on your site operations in the event of a mains power failure.

Fuel sampling is a quick and effective way to monitor your stored fuel. The subsequent emailed fuel sample report will either give you peace of mind that your fuel is within specification and ready for use. Or highlight to any degradation and the steps that need to be taken to bring the fuel back into a useable condition.

If regular routine fuel sampling is neglected, the first indication of fuel contamination can be when a generator shuts down when it is needed most. If this situation arises, the disruption can be crippling, and the subsequent remedial action is often slow and expensive.

Fuel sampling is a quick, cost effective health check for your stored fuel. IPU Group has a team of highly experienced engineers that can be deployed Nationwide to support your fuel management strategy within critical power and critical industries.

Andy Burrows   

IPU’s three-part Fuel Conditioning Program presents the simplest and most economical route to clean, dry, reliable fuel. It includes:

  1. DieselCheck Fuel Testing
  2. ClearTank Fuel Cleaning
  3. Diesel Defence Fuel Polishing

The beauty of a Fuel Conditioning Program is its Amazon-inspired simplicity. One company handles everything to do with maintaining your fuel quality and tackling fuel contamination. It’s is the ‘sort it and bill me’ solution that fits the threat.

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