Cloud real-time fuel monitoring – it’s IPU’s future


IPU are proud to announce the brand new Cloud Based Fuel Monitoring Solution as the latest item in our portfolio.

The significant advantages this offers to our customers makes it IPU’s most exciting development in 2020.

We want to provide our customers with the very best products, which is why we are leading the way for the new ‘standard’ in fuel polishing.

We are now able to provide site operators with the critical connectivity and insight into the condition of stored fuels that they need. Perfect for the power generation, fuel management and critical uptime sectors, this latest innovation is a significant advancement compared to existing fuel condition monitoring portals.

Cloud based technology is not just the latest ‘fad’ – it is the future. Yearly global cloud based spending will reach over £450 billion in 2020.

The ability to view data from anywhere in the world will soon become the norm. That’s why cloud based fuel management, and cloud based technology fitted on to fuel polishing units should be the new standard. IPU are leading the way by giving this to the market.

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