Ask the Experts: Is ClearTank cleaning a big job? Will it be disruptive?

July 12th, 2017

When you’re required to clean fuel is it a big job? Will it be disruptive?

“Quite the opposite, we try to make it as unobtrusive as possible. Plenty of companies will come in, turn off the generators and the emergency cover they provide, drain the tank, send the fuel away for cleaning, put a team of people into the tank to clean it and put back whatever clean fuel is left. That could be a fraction of what was sent away. This technique is enormously disruptive, it’s expensive – and it’s totally unnecessary.”

“Our ClearTank equipment means we don’t have to empty the tank. We leave the fuel in the tank and clean the fuel and the tank at the same time. This ensures:

  • Your generators are not taken offline during the clean
  • No man-entry is required so no unnecessary risks or mountains of Health & Safety paperwork
  • We only remove the contaminants so much of you fuel will remain at the end

We even operate from an unmarked van to avoid unsettling any of your customers who may see us at work.”

IPU’s Fuel Conditioning Programme