Improving Profitability and Reliability for Rental Companies

IPU Handbook for Rental Companies 2016-05Your business is all about your equipment. If it isn’t running, you’re not earning and your customer’s not working.

The challenge is that you can’t guarantee who’s using your equipment and how they’re treating it. Are they using dirty diesel from a rusty tank? Are they checking the oil? Do they buy suitable lubricants?

Your hire contract’s small print only offers partial protection. You could sue a customer who doesn’t maintain equipment properly but that guarantees that you’ll lose the customer.

Alternatively, you could try to get the equipment repaired under the manufacturer’s warranty but most manufacturers now exclude damage caused by bad fuel, inadequate lubrication and poor maintenance.

The direct way to increase profitability is to improve reliability. Improving reliability:

  • reduces your maintenance costs
  • increases the availability of equipment for hire
  • boosts customer satisfaction

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