Changes to red diesel are coming

Are you still able to use Red Diesel after April 2022?


April, 1st 2022

The countdown is on!


With a change to the Red Diesel Rebate Entitlement in April 2022, changes are coming to who can legally use Red Diesel.

We are actively involved with the HMRC consultation process, so we are best placed to guide you through this change.

After April 1st 2022, it will be illegal for some industries to actively buy and use Red Diesel.

Join our live webinar where we will talk you through the legislation, the impact it will have on your business and what you need to do to prepare.

Sign up to our live webinar here on Wednesday 17th November where we will discuss:

  • Red diesel will become less available – we’ll cover what markets can still use it and what markets won’t be able to
  • When these changes will take effect
  • The implications to your business
  • The financial impact
  • Fuel alternatives and steps that need to be taken before implementing