Oil condition monitoring for Viridor

Application: Power generation (landfill gas)Location: Kingsteignton, Devon, UKEngine: Jenbacher 320 1MW V20

IPU were contacted by Viridor as the off-site oil condition analysis provided by Spectro Laboratories was too slow to prevent engine failures caused by sudden problems. They needed a real-time analysis and alert system.

Challenges faced

Once a problem had been detected Viridor needed an automatic system to shut down the generator and avoid the cost and disruption of a major engine failure.

Solutions delivered

The testing process showed that oil condition monitoring with the OilAlert sensor successfully detected the growth of contaminants in the oil and the degradation caused by additive depletion and oxidation. The OilAlert sensor was correctly configured to shutdown the generator when contaminant thresholds were reached.

The OilAlert sensor successfully demonstrated that its results matched those from Spectro Laboratories but, critically, they were produced in real-time. The sensor alerted operators as soon as oil condition deteriorated beyond a set point, not several days after a test sample was taken.

A coolant leak was simulated by adding water and glycol to the engine oil. The OilAlert sensor’s response was to shutdown the engine successfully, protecting it from what would have been a critical failure in normal conditions.

By avoiding the major engine failures that are common with landfill gas generators, the OilAlert sensor will deliver substantial savings to Viridor. Depending on actual repair costs, these could be as high as £450,000 over a five year period.

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