Keeping TDL's engines running with OilLife

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Application: Terex TR100, TR70 and TA400 Dump TrucksLocation: Tankersley, South Yorkshire, UKEngine: Cummins KTA38

IPU were brought in by TDL as they needed to address customer concerns about maintenance costs.

Challenges faced

TDL’s servicing was required every 250 or 500 hours to replace engine oil. TDL also needed a unique and beneficial feature to distinguish its Terex trucks from vehicles from other manufacturers.

Solutions delivered

IPU’s OilLife Bypass Oil Filter System reduced operating overheads by extending oil service intervals from 500 to 2,000 hours. Even after 2,000+ hours (four times the normal oil-change service interval), the OilLife Bypass Oil Filter System unit keeps wear metal levels far below the norm, improving the oil’s ability to lubricate engine parts. The OilLife Bypass Oil Filter System’s protein-rich 1μm cotton element removes the particles that combine to cause engine problems

After the same extended service interval, the oil’s Total Base Number (i.e. the level of alkaline additives) is dropping and viscosity is maintained thanks to the OilLife Bypass Oil Filter System unit’s ability to evaporate off water and sulphur dioxide, the precursors of a sulphuric acid reaction.

The new regime means annual oil maintenance costs will plummet from £5,900 to £1,800 per engine. Even when the cost of the OilLife Bypass Oil Filter System unit is taken into account this will save TDL customers over £19,000 per truck over a 5 year working life.

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