OilLife fitted to 100T Rigid Dump Truck

Markets: Case studies for the Mining & Quarrying market
Application: Open Case Coal Mine 100 Ton Rigid Dump TruckLocation: Ayrshire, UKEngine: Cummins KTA38 V12

Challenges faced

A national distributor of Construction and Earthmoving Machinery had been experiencing elevated Repair and Maintenance contracts overheads due to frequent engine oil and filter change requirements; meaning a higher amount of servicing per vehicle as well as increased down time and costs = reduced profit.

The objective of the project between the distribution company and IPU Group was to help save both money and equipment downtime in terms of repair and maintenance contracts.

Solutions delivered

After a consultation with IPU, where the problems of contaminated oil were discussed, IPU fitted a single M-OP100 EOLS system to the Open Cast Coal Mine Dump Truck Fleet, powered by Cummins KTA38 V12 engines.

Also installed were TD Oil Condition Sensors connected to a ComAp Mobile Logger; enabling the levels of contamination in the oil to be constantly logged in real time; giving the distribution company clear evidence of the state of the oil in their vehicles.

As a result, the engine oil service interval for this application has been increased by 4 times.

Benefits have included:

  • The EOLS saved the company in excess of £3,475 per year, per engine.
  • The unique ability of the EOLS to remove solid, liquid and gas contaminants; preventing the formation of harmful acids and therefore maintaining additive and viscosity levels is key to the safe extension of oil life.
  • EOLS was suitable for fitment to the company’s entire fleet.
  • Engine oil service interval extension increased from less than 500 hours to 2,000 hours