HowPow mains protection

Markets: Case Studies for the Power Generation market
Application: Panel BuilderLocation: UK

HOWPOW, based in the UK, design, build and commission wind turbine and solar power generators.They offer a full in-house service from the initial design of a system to the DNO witness testing.


The challenges

HOWPOW distinguish themselves in a competitive marketplace by offering a lead time of just 15 days for panel builds. They need to be able to source components quickly and reliably to support this strategy. If its suppliers can’t deliver quickly it loses credibility with its customers.

The DNO (Distribution Network Operator) approval process can delay the commissioning of generating sites. To improve its service to customers, HOWPOW seeks ways to make the approval process as fast and trouble-free as possible.


The solutions

IPU were able to offer solutions to the challenges faced:

  • By holding a large stock of mains protection relays and spare parts and by offering next-day delivery, IPU helps HOWPOW meet the tightest deadlines.
  • IPU supply ComAp’s MainsPro G59 Mains Protection Relay, a market-leading relay that is well known, fully understood and readily approved by DNOs. Not only that, but the MainsPro brings advantages beyond compatibility and approval. HOWPOW engineers find it easy to use and configure. The time they save makes it more attractive than other products they’ve considered from Deep Sea, ABB and Seaward.


“IPU’s service has always been outstanding. I couldn’t ask for a better group to work with. IPU has delivered everything we’ve required them to do. On top of that, their performance has been excellent”
Andy Richardson – Operations Manager

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