Reducing oil costs for Houchin Aerospace

Markets: Aerospace
Application: Aerospace supportLocation: Ashford, Kent, UKEngine: Cummins QSB 6.7

IPU were contacted for oil conditioning technology as Houchin wanted to reduce their customers’ costs. They wanted to do this by extending the time between oil change services.

Challenges faced

Houchin Aerospace’s Ground Power Units (GPUs) required oil changes every 500 hours to preserve their reliability. Houchin wanted to promote a distinct technical advantage over other GPU manufacturers.

Solutions delivered

The oil drain interval was safely extended from 500 to 2,000 hours by fitting an OilLife Bypass Oil Filter System. Houchin’s customers only need one annual oil change service instead of four. Reducing oil costs by 61% is a strong selling point for Houchin. As well as financial savings, Houchin can also promote the extra efficiency a customer gains from fewer services.

After the same extended service interval, the oil’s Total Base Number (i.e. the level of alkaline additives) and viscosity are stable thanks to the OilLife Bypass Oil Filter System unit’s ability to evaporate off water and sulphur dioxide, the precursors of a sulphuric acid reaction.

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