Reducing oil dilution for DFDS Seaways

Markets: Case Studies for the Marine market
Application: Marine enginesLocation: North SeaEngine: 1.4MW Mitsubishi generator

IPU were contacted as the oil in the Humber Viking’s generator was being badly diluted by fuel.

Challenges faced

Heavy contamination meant oil needed to be changed every 250 hours, leading to excessive oil use and maintenance costs exceeding £15,000 per annum. The oil dilution increased engine wear and threatened generator reliability.

Solutions delivered

The oil drain interval was safely extended to 1,000 hours by fitting an OilLife Bypass Oil Filter System. This unit removed the oil dilution through a combined process of evaporation and filtration. Engine additive levels and viscosities were kept at optimum levels to maintain lubrication and ensure the reliable operation of the main generator.

After installing the OilLife Bypass Oil Filter System, the level of oil dilution dropped steadily from 3.5% to a perfectly safe 0.5%. The OilLife Bypass Oil Filter System’s protein-rich 1μm cotton element removes the fuel’s heavier hydro-carbons while the evaporation chamber removes and vents lighter hydro-carbons.

Over the same extended service period the oil’s Total Base Number (i.e. the level of alkaline additives) and viscosity remain constant thanks to the OilLife Bypass Oil Filter System unit’s ability to evaporate off water and sulphur dioxide, the precursors of a sulphuric acid reaction.

The solution presented by IPU partner Marship UK was to fit an OilLife Bypass Oil Filter System to the generator. Its primary function would be to remove the fuel from the engine oil but its advanced filtration and evaporation processes also remove wear metals and maintain the oil’s viscosity and physical attributes.

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