Reducing oil costs for Arriva buses

Markets: Transport
Application: Passenger transportLocation: Newcastle, Tyne & Wear, UKEngine: Volvo & DAF buses

Challenges faced

Arriva buses looked at reducing oil costs and consumption in their fleet of passenger buses. Four oil changes a year took the vehicles out of service too often and increased oil costs. Even though mass transport is intrinsically more environmentally-friendly than personal vehicles, Arriva was also keen to promote an even greener image of itself.

Solutions delivered

By fitting an OilLife Bypass Oil Filter System, IPU was able to show that Arriva’s four oil changes a year could be reduced to one without any detrimental effect on the reliability of the engine. By reducing the number of oil changes, IPU was able to reduce oil consumption by 75%.

Even after 132,000 kms (four times the normal oil-change service interval), the OilLife Bypass Oil Filter System unit is reducing the rate of wear in the engine as shown by the falling or stable number of wear particles in the oil. The OilLife Bypass Oil Filter System’s protein-rich 1μm cotton element removes the particles that combine to cause engine problems.

After the same extended service interval, the oil’s Total Base Number (i.e. the level of alkaline additives) and viscosity are maintained thanks to the OilLife Bypass Oil Filter System unit’s ability to evaporate off water and sulphur dioxide, the precursors of a sulphuric acid reaction.