GAC GNS2000 Series

Flexibile controller for stand alone generator applications.

GAC’s Generator Set Controller Series (GNS2000 Series) is a family of highly-flexible generator set controllers for standalone applications. The GNS2000 Series, designed for both electronically and mechanically controlled engines, is ruggedly constructed with simple-to-use microprocessor technology. GAC’s new controller series provides superior generator set control, protection, and metering all at a reasonable cost

Advanced Control & Monitoring

  • Engine start / stop control
  • Engine & generator monitoring & protection
  • Remote monitoring & alerts
  • Comprehensive metering
  • Fixed, auto variable & binary voltage detect scheme

Expanded Offering of I/O

  • 18 configurable binary inputs & outputs
  • 2 Form A and 2 Form C relays
  • 4 versatile analog inputs that support:
    • VDO
    • 5 VDC
    • 0-20 mA
    • Resistive (0-2.4K)
    • Thermocouple (Type K)

Intuitive, Adaptable User Interface

  • Simultaneous multi-lingual support
  • Local, remote or no display support
  • Multiple security levels & panel lock
  • User-friendly SmartVU™ configuration software

High Degree of Connectivity & Compatibility

  • SAE J1939
  • RS-232/485
  • Modem support for remote monitoring
  • SMS support
  • Ethernet

Highly Developed Design

  • Robust 600V design (min. 25% over voltage allowed)
  • 3 Built In voltage configuration / protection methods
  • UL recognized, CUL recognized, CE approval (pending)
  • NFPA110 Level 2 compatible
  • Industrial temperature range
  • Audible & tactile F / B on buttons for gloved fingers
  • Resistant to salt fog, humidity, dust, dirt and chemical contaminants

Setup Software

SmartVU Setup 10 – PC Tool for Configuration and Supervision GNS 2000 Series

  • To be used with GNS 2000 Series and GNS 2500 Series controllers
  • Remote control and monitoring, parameters adjustment
  • Configuration, programming
  • Support of electronic engines
  • Connection via RS232, modem, internet


RA20 Remote Annunicator
CRM20 Contact Relay Module / 20 Form C Amp Relays
JDR050 JDR050 – J1939 Data Reader
JDR100 JDR100 – J1939 Dual Function Data Reader