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  • Ferris IS600Z: small size, maximum productivity

    The compact Ferris IS600Z works well in tight spaces, combining the power and speed of a premium ride-on with the manoeuvrability of a walk-behind. Despite its modest price, the IS600Z incorporates Ferris' unique independent suspension. The extra comfort and improved accuracy it delivers increases operator productivity.…

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    Ferris IS600Z
  • Diesel Testing Products and Services

    As well as a supplying a vast array of ‘tank side’ testing equipment, IPU also provides a diesel testing service.  Sometimes it’s simply not possible to test on site, or you may need accredited lab standard test results.  For these instances the IPU Diesel Testing Service will provide precise, dependable diesel tests,…

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    Diesel testing
  • Ferris FW35: the walk-behind for demanding workloads

    The FW35 dual hydrostatic walk-behind was built from the ground up to meet the demands of professional mowing crews. The new design gives this mower smoother and more user-friendly operation. Featuring a Cruise Control Bar and independent steering with a speed indicator, the FW35 allows the operator a multitude of control…

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    Ferris FW35 (US image)
  • Pre-engaged hydraulic starter

    IPU Hydraulic Start Systems provide guaranteed reliability, no matter how challenging or unpredictable the environment. This truly independent start method can be specified as the only starting system or as a back up to electric or air starting, offering an unbeatable level of efficiency in sub-zero temperatures and hazardous…

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    Pre engaged hydraulic starters
  • ClearTank Fuel Cleaning Service

    Fuel contamination is one risk you shouldn’t have to worry about You need one thing from your standby and primary power systems: dependability. However complex the equipment, you need the assurance that it will function perfectly when and if it’s needed. Fuel storage is a potential point of failure that’s easy to…

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    ClearTank fuel cleaning service
  • Unitrak

    ‘A Unique and versatile tool carrier’ A safe quick and efficient way of mowing low maintained and in-accessable areas. 18hp Briggs & Stratton – 105cms / 41” Deck

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    Irus Unitrak
  • Quatrak

    ‘Tackles tough mowing in difficult areas’ For safely mowing high grade and public amenity areas with tricky or steep slope access. 8hp Kohler petrol engine - 42” - 105 cms or 48” – 125cms flail

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    Irus Quatrak
  • Deltrak

    ‘The ‘go anywhere’ tool carrier’ A safe quick and efficient way of mowing and maintaining brush and scrubland normally in-accessible areas. 25hp/31hp Vanguard petrol / 27hp Daihatsu diesel - (42") 105cm, (50") 125cm flail

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    Irus Deltrak
  • Irus Remote Controlled Mowers

    The Irus range of remote controlled mowers are designed for mowing and maintenance of precipitous slopes, parks, roadside verges and railway embankments offering reduced risk of injury to operators.  Irus remote control mowers will go where standard walk behind or ride on mowers cannot go safely being able to run on slopes of…

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